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    prototyping issues in Flash AS


      am prototyping a demo for doing usability testing. The demo uses a Wizzard of Oz (WOZ) approach where a wizzard simulates an "intelligent system" based upon the user actions. The user would just use the mouse to select different functions on the application. The wizzard would press various keystrokes based upon the user's actions (like 1 = correct response, 2 = incorrect response, etc.)

      My current problem is that the Wizzard keystrokes are not being intercepted properly so these keystrokes are also typing in the text fields which have the current focus. The code detects the keystrokes, but the std. out of these keys is what's causing problems. I thought I had a work around, but its not working.

      My next thought would be to have the wizzard use another computer with a socket-based connection to the application prototype. Then a socket server on the prototype would catch the keystrokes (1-4 and A-J) and perform the right actions. This would avoid the std. out of the keyboard from interfering with data in the text fields of the application demo.

      Does this sound overly complex to solve this problem? I'd have to build a socket server in my demo prototype which listens for specific connections on a specified IP port.