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    Draggable Panel?

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      Is it possible to have a 'drag-n-drop' Panel. I've yet to find out how to get it to drag. I see there is dragEnter and dragExit along with dragDrop. I'm not sure what what script I need for those to work. Not a big fan of static panels.

      Any help would be great

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          Alright, I got the dragging part done. Just using titlewindow and the popupmanger. Now, I would like to know how to make it so users can resize the windows by dragging. Any ideas on this?
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            I would still like an update on this. I have looked on Google and everything there just seems so complicated. All I would like is something simple to put in the titlewindow such as showResize=true, or close to it.

            Any help would be great.
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              Both of your questions have been covered in this forum. You should try searching the posts. There was a link to a resizable Panel example but I don't remember it now.

              By the way, if you have already tried searching, the forum search field really is sub-par. I suggest searching for only one general keyword (such as 'Panel') and then read the articles that look promising. Also, for some reason there are a lot of these .mxml code related posts in the Flex Builder forum so you might search there as well.

              aside: maybe if the search function was more robust and comprehensive there wouldn't be so many repeat posts for these common questions?