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    grab var from email flash/asp

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      got an small flash application that will send all my vars from flash(8) to
      an ASP script for both inserting into a database and also, emailing a http
      result to a remote client machine.

      The http email also has a different embeded flash app that should be looking
      for the
      value of a hidden field within the html email.

      I am using loadvariables in a frame loop until the asp vars have been loaded
      (last var from the asp= true) which is all fine and dandy.!

      What i cant get is the value of the hidden field from the html email brought
      into the ASP script which is being called from the embeded flash app which
      supposedly looks for the appropriate ID value from the database to populate
      other values within the flash app'

      I hope i have explained this clearly and concisely as possible so as someone
      may know of a solution that i can use or a work around...