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    Connection / Re-connection problems

      I was wondering if anybody has been having similar problems with Contribute. I'm having two different connection problems.
      I'm using Microsoft isa server, which is managed centrally in our organisation. I use local network drive to connect to the server, so when i define connection in Contribute to my web server I use Local/Network.

      Problem 1
      I can map the drive for the user, which creates the connecting to the server. But when I use connection key or manually set up a connection, Contribute cannot find/see the mapped drive, so it cannot create the connection.

      Problem 2
      I am having problems re-connecting people in Contribute.

      I have users that were using Contribute fine for few weeks and then say they didn’t use Contribute for 2-3 weeks and tried to go back in to do more work, it would come up with an error message that the connection is no longer valid. Then they go and use the connection key to reconnect to Contribute just like they’ve done the first time, it comes up with an error message saying
      “Contribute cannot verify your connection key. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” But the key is ok, even if I create a new key for the same role they still get the same error.

      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have been battling with Contribute for the past couple of months now.

      Many thanks, Elena