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    What now?

      I have just been a certified coldfusion mx 7 developer.

      When this is said i have just discovered Flex 2.
      I think that this is something between Flash and Coldfusion.
      What I want to know is. What now? What should I focus on developing my skills?

      Here in denmark wery few are using CF. More is using Flash. But I have never heard of anybody using flex.

      Actually I think that Flex is a very poverfull web presentation tool.

      Help me deside wher to go now.

      Best regards,
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          GeorgeWS Level 1
          Cold Fusion 7 and Flex work together. Really well. You need both if you plan on making data intensive RIA's
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            inlineblue Level 1
            Flex 2 can be thought of as a new way to make Flash applications. It doesn't relate to ColdFusion any more than Flash MX does. If creating Flash applications is important ot you, then looking at Flex 2 is worth your time. If you want to concentrate on the server side with CF, then Flex isn't that important to you.
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              davidmedifit Level 1
              The answer to your question is a resounding "yes". Congratulations on attaining your certification, first of all. ColdFusion is a very powerful web development language - the output of which is HTML to a browser. Flex is a very powerful development language - the output of which is a Flash movie, rendered in the browser.

              Please remember, Flex is a presentation tier solution - that is to say, it deals with the display of information to the end user. Flex does not natively access back end databases, nor should it be used to code business rules.

              That's where ColdFusion comes in. Flex accesses its data through XML, Web Services, or Remote (Java) objects. Two of these can be created in CF - using CFC's. Flex works very well with CF version 7.0.2 (there are several examples of accessing CFC's from Flex on the Adobe site).

              I would strongly advise that you learn Flex (especially if no one ELSE in Denmark is!), and use ColdFusion as your back end development system.

              Post back if you have any more questions.


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                kruse Level 1
                Thanks David,

                I think that I will take a closer look at Flex. And as you point out "no one ELSE in Denmark" is using Flex.

                Thanks again.