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    Problem installing Flash MX04 after new OS install


      I have just installed WIN XP Pro that came with SP2 on my notebook. I am trying to install my Studio MX04 suite but when It gets to flash MX 04, it gets to 95 percent of the install and shoots an error out.

      The error is the following:

      Unhandled Exception
      Error Number: 0x80040703
      Description: Failed to find dll function: Macromedia_Licensing_Installer.CdaSysInstallEx2

      Setup will now terminate.

      This message comes after being 95% completed according to the install progress bar.


      The notebook is a HP Pavilion zd7160us with 512 MB RAM and 2.8 GB Processor
      Totally new clean install of Win XP Pro with SP2 (just purchased)
      Legal copy of Studio MX 2004 (just installing again after wipping the other OS off)
      DW, FW, FHMXa, and Extention Manager all installed without a hitch.
      Was installed previously on same notebook with XP home.
      I have found other forums where people are having this same problem but with no resolution to the problem, and all of the inquiries seem to be linked to SP2.

      I would really like it if someone knew why this is happening and how to fix it.