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    Scrolling problems (jumps & doesn't continue)

      I am totally clueless on how to fix this....


      if you let it scroll left to right, you will notice it jumps

      if you let it scroll right to left, it won't loop and ends.

      there are 2 (identical) button groups in the movie file that scrolls. the movie file that scrolls is 1084.8

      what i have for the script is

      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      // if button down, accelerate the clips
      if (_root.accelerate == 1) {
      if (_root.navCurrentVelocity<_root.navMaxVelocity) {
      // if button release, decelerate the clips
      if (_root.accelerate == -1) {
      if (_root.navCurrentVelocity>1) {
      if (_root.navCurrentVelocity == 1) {
      root.accelerate = 0;
      // move the movie clip, wrapping if necessary
      if (_root.scrollRight == true) {
      if (_root.navbar_mc._x<=-419.3) {
      _root.navbar_mc._x = _root.navbar_mc._x+1084.8;
      _root.navbar_mc._x = _root.navbar_mc._x-_root.navCurrentVelocity;
      if (_root.scrollLeft == true) {
      if (_root.navbar_mc._x>=600) {
      _root.navbar_mc._x = _root.navbar_mc._x-1084.8;
      _root.navbar_mc._x = _root.navbar_mc._x+_root.navCurrentVelocity;

      if you can help for free, great - if i need to pay you for your time, please email me and let me know how much (girlnamedanne at gmail dot com) - I just need this to work!!! I can also send you the fla file. i am more of a designer than scripter, so that's why i'm having problems...