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    Director/Projector hangs on exit/halt on Windows

      I have a complex Director Projector application that has been in the field for years now. In the last few months we have started having problems with the application.

      The problem is that when the user clicks on a button in the Projector app to quit (and our Lingo code calls quit or halt) the app hangs before it exits.

      Once it has hung you can't then start up an new instance of the app or even of Director itself. You also can't kill the hung app in Task Manager and any new instances of the app (or Director) that you open sit waiting in Task Manager.

      If you wait five minutes or so, the hung app sometimes will finally exit. Other times, after five minutes or so the app becomes killable in Task Manager. At which point any instances of the app that you have tried to open will then appear.

      Two other slight variations. Sometimes instead of hanging the Projector exe will trip a Windows exception report. Occasionally the hung app will never become killable and the only way to get any Projector/Director usage back is to restart the machine.

      The exit hang also happens when you quit Director if you have been running the app within Director.

      The app uses three third party Xtras: SequenceXtra, BuddyAPI and MD5Hashing.

      This problem first appeared a few months ago as an occasional occurance. As of a few days ago the hang happens just about every time I quit the Projector app on my machine.

      It also seems to happen with copies of the Projector app that were built several years ago. This implies to me that the new behaviour may have been bought on by a Windows update.

      To further complicate the situation, on some machines the problem is different. I have one machine, which is upto date on Windows updates, where old versions of the Projector app crash on exist but don't hang and new versions of the app don't crash or hang.

      I tried running the Projector in a clean WinXP install (no services packs or updates installed) and there were no hangs. I also have reports that the hang doesn't happen in Windows Vista.

      I tried removing all of our Lingo code that runs on exit, except the "halt". The hang still occurs. My logging suggests that the hang occurs after all the Lingo code have finished.

      Is anyone else having these issues ?