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    duplicating external swf problem with duplicateMovieClip

    I tried
      Hi all,

      I'm running into a problem that I think should have a simple answer, but can't seem to find it. I have an external swf that I used to load over and over and populate with different data. I'm trying to reduce server load and disk access, so I'd like to preload the movieclip, and then simply duplicate it as many times as I need to based upon the data. I can load the movieclip the first time using a moviecliploader and then this line:

      mclPreloader.loadClip(pathtoTemplate, mcPreloadedTemplate);

      This works great and I have ensured that the function to preload the template completes(meaning that onloadInit and onloadcomplete have both fired) before I try to duplicate the movieclip.

      Then I have a for loop that does this:

      for (var i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++){
      mcPreloadedTemplate.duplicateMovieClip("mcTemplate" + i, i);

      My Arraylength is 5, the for loop runs 5 times, but I get no movieclips (verified visually and by xray). So, this is pretty basic stuff that should work. Anybody have other ideas that I can try?