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    FlexBuilder not checking for errors in AS files

      FlexBuilder 2 isn't finding any errors in AS files that aren't explicitly referenced in an MXML file for anyone in my office. This seems like a pretty basic function everyone needs, so I can't imagine it's not a huge bug....

      To be more specific, I have a flex project set up with two files in the root named SimpleTest.as and test.mxml. If test.mxml is empty, I can write absolutely anything into the .as file and flex builder won't locate any errors in real time. As soon as I instantiate an instance of SimpleTest in my mxml file, however, flex builder suddenly reports all of the problems in the problems view, and we're good to go.

      This is a huge pain from a development standpoint - I don't want to have to keep an instantiation of a class just to find if there are any errors in it. And if I'm not able to find errors in real/development time, FlexBuilder becomes a glorified text editor with the only real useful AS feature being code hints.

      If the project is an ActionScript project instead of a Flex project, flex builder will detect errors on AS files if they're in the root package, but files nested in folders aren't checked for errors unless an instance of the class exists in another root-package object.

      Is there anything we can do to fix this? Is anyone else seeing this error?