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    Havok Character Floating

      Hello. I have a movie where biped character that walks along a flat plane. I am using the Havok behaviors for Character Controller, Collision Detection, Track Model, and Havok Physics (no HKE). My problem is that my biped's feet are floating quite aways above the ground. It pays attention to gravity and follows the terrain, but his feet are always the same distance above the ground instead of being on it. I am using a sphere proxy for my character and tried moving the character up (and down), in 3ds Max and then re-exporting the W3D file - but it's still exactly the same. What can I do to fix this?
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          another solution i use is to copy the code from the car drive tutorial on the havok dev site and use the havok function from here to drive you havok ball(charater) around. then in lingo on exit frame move the biped to the correct position with alittle adjusment for the ground. I was never able to use the character controller for anything. Making your own is the best way. I can post some code if you need it.
          good luck Chocjulio