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    Search Results Do Not Link to their Topics

      (This question should be in the WebHelp section. Please delete. I will repost correctly. - Thanks)

      I created a WebHelp system with a standard search function. When published, the search worked on my local drive:

      1. Enter a search criteria in the search field on the tool bar.
      2. Click the Search button
      ==> Results display in the navigation window.
      3. Click a result term.

      This functioned correctly when the system is published on my local drive. On the network drive, these links are not dead. The pointer changes to a hand, etc, but no topic displays when we click the links.

      When we click a search results link, the content window goes blank. No content displays. We are in testing, and my testers tell me they get a "Page Not Found" error. When I try this on the network drive, the window goes blank. I notice that the target path display at the bottom of the IE window is truncated:

      file///[drive letter]:/[folder]

      The drive letter reference is the mapping on my computer. The path is several folders short of the actual destination. That seems wrong, but I don't know what to do to correct it. The Destination Protocol on the WebHelp Publish dialog is set to File System, and the path references the mapping on my computer, as I selected the path via a browse. Does this need to be the name of the network drive? Should I select a

      Anyhow, I have researched this issue and have drawn a blank.

      Thank you,

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