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    Quiz Formatting Defaults

      I have a shopping list of issues with the formatting of quizzes I am hoping someone has a procedure, fix or workaround for. We are using the Presenter for Breeze 5.1SP2. Here we go -

      (1) Currently when a question is added, the multitude of response boxes displayed on the screen appear in a default shape that is square, with a lightly screened background and a grey drop shadow. Can this default (shape and colours, even text font) be changed (within Breeze or PPT) so that every question slide doesnt have to be reformatted individually.

      (2) Can the positioning of these same response boxes be defaulted. And if thats not possible, then once you have rearanged them manually is there a way to have them stay in position if you have to edit the quiz. Currently every time you make even a minor change in the Quiz within Presenter, the positioning of these boxes reverts to its scattered layout on every slide. When you have a long quiz this is quite a problem.

      (3) Despite setting font size defaults in Master View when questions are added the font sizes autocorrect leaving you with a bunch of question screens with inconsistent font sizes. They can be resized but for longer responses the text doesnt wrap correctly and the tick boxes and buttons go out of alignment. Additonally of course, again if the quiz is edited all formatting changes you make revert back to the messed up Presenter defaults. Solutions to any of these particular problems would be great.

      (4) Currently to remove unwanted response boxes you simply delete them from the slide. However if you edit the quiz they return by default to all slides and you have to repeat the entire process again on all slides. Any fixes for this?

      Quizzes and questions generate a significant amount of work in the formatting/layout workload when creating presentations and training courses usually way out of proportion to the overall workload. Any additional suggestions on best practices or solutions would be great.
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          i maybe have a workaround for using other checkboxes:

          Go to your Breeze 5 directorie in the folder "Images" C:\...\Macromedia\Breeze 5\Images

          There you have the checkboxes and radio buttons ... just copy them and edit with adobe illustrator ... but dont forget that you change them GLOBAL for all breeze quizzes you are doin after that customization ...

          for the other questions i would like to have an answer too, because we are not very lucky with the breeze quizmanager ...

          nice weekend!
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            Hi DougKnipe

            If you get an answer to your questions, could you please post them here? I'm REALLY struggling with the same issues and it's slowing me down BIG time.
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              Has anyone found some better workarounds to this issue?

              It's taking an inordinate amount of time to format a quiz, and the subject matter expert always has one more little change so I have to redo the process repeatedly.

              Right now, I am adding a text box with a white background on top of the quiz manager-generated items and typing the "pretty" version of the answers there, but still need to move things around and fix them each time I change a single word in the quiz..
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                robva65 Level 2

                My apologies in advance for the very long post here...its just that I wanted to be *very clear* in my response, and I sincerely hope that the following will make sense!

                Formatting quiz/question slides in 5.xx has been a problem for quite some time and it wasn't until the release of Presenter 6.0 where, finally, things have begun to settle down. I will admit, however, that I've still seen instances where jumping in and out of the Quiz Manager has messed up the formatting of question slide text, it's positioning and so on.

                However, those of us still operating with 5.1 are forced to combat formatting issues and although rolando is correct (you can go into the Breeze 5 Images folder and style the individual radio buttons, checkboxes, etc), there is a couple of things worth noting here.

                1. You could always create a second Images folder where your buttons could be styled or branded a specific way. What I'd recommend first is renaming the existing Images directory to something like "Images_original" so you have a way of recalling the original artwork when question slides are generated...especially if something goes wrong. Once that's done, create a new folder called Images and then you can easily copy/paste the 6 .emf files into the newly created Images folder and then go about the process of coloring them to suit your needs. This of course assumes that you have Illustrator to begin with. You may even be able to get away with using Corel Draw...

                2. Under no circumstances should you try to create/edit/modify the .emf files with PowerPoint. Although it is true that you could edit/create .emf graphics in ppt, the results are absolutely catastrophic!

                With respect to default positioning and font sizes, I'm not aware of any specific "fixes" beyond upgrading to 6.0. However, there is one technique we've been using for some time that does work, and I've written an article about this on my forum at http://robrode.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1179168045.

                Although not entirely clean, I have experiemented with the following (which has reduced some of the amount of re-formatting, but it does mean that I've had to recheck every question slide)

                By default, you get one set of slide/title masters with every ppt deck. Therein lies the problem. Depending on how you've created the look and feel of your presentation, the question slides have the same formatting applied as governed by the slide master of your ppt deck.

                STEP 1. Create a new set of slide masters. In ppt, go to View from the main menu. Trace down to Master and select Slide Master. Usually, you'll see a set of slide thumbnails on the left side. Within the thumbnail area, if you right-click, you should get a contextual menu with an option to add a "New Slide Master". Having another set of slide masters is going to pave the way to fixing some of the formatting problems with question slides.

                STEP 2 Copy any objects, treatments, styling from the original slide master into the newly created slide master. This will ensure design consistency between the masters.

                STEP 3. Make whatever adjustments necessary so that you have the kind of formatting you'd like to see on your question slides.

                STEP 4. ...and this one's really important...what we need to do now is identify the new slide master. Reason: since the slide masters look alike, it might be hard to tell them apart, and the bigger picture here is that we need to assign the new master to the question slides ONLY. So...select the new slide master (it should have a bold-looking highlight around the thumbnail), and then right click it! From the menu that appears, select "Rename Master". Give it a new name ("Question Master" might be a good one!), then click the Rename button and you're done.

                STEP 5. Click on View in the main menu, and select Normal. Then click on Format in the main menu and select Slide Design, which will bring up another set of thumbnail images...only this time, you should see 2 versions of your slide masters! If you hover your mouse over each of the thumbnails, a "tooltip" will appear with the title of the thumbnail that you just created.

                STEP 6. All that's necessary now is to apply the new slide master to the question slides in your deck. Before you start clicking away here, let me recommend the following: select the slide that you want to apply the new master to, and then, move your mouse over the slide master thumbnail in the Slide Design viewer....DON'T CLICK YET! When you move your mouse over the thumbnail first, you should get a drop down arrow that appears over the thumbnail. Click the downward-facing arrow and select "Apply to Selected Slide". That's it!

                Visually speaking, not much may have changed. The pay-off, however, is when you have to go back into Quiz Manager and edit stuff. Again, this isn't exactly pretty, and it certainly DOES NOT remedy ALL problems, but it can help and I use this technique all the time now. My question masters have their text elements & positioning adjusted in an attempt to make editing in the Quiz Manager a less painful experience.

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                  asm0d Level 1
                  Or, you can do the entire quiz in Flash, where you have absolute control over everything. The only thing you lose is the LMS data to Breeze itself. Someday Adobe will post an SDK that lets us build that in, too.

                  Wait, no... I'm thinking of Macromedia...
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                    robva65 Level 2
                    How true asmod...how true!

                    I've created flash-based questions, but when responding in this environment, I think we need to be sensitive to the possibility that folks may not have flash, or access to a programmer who can develop such assets.

                    And as you clearly noted, the moment you start developing in flash, you can pretty much forget connecting the flash mod to an LMS...at least through Breeze/Presenter. I've created e-learning that has been developed entirely in Flash and not only does it work great, but we can track everything!

                    But unfortunately...(sigh)...while working in the Breeze/Presenter environment, what I need is a rock-solid way of porting data through flash and xml that will talk to the LMS (via Presenter). Perhaps an SDK would be a good start, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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                      suepha Level 1
                      Thanks for the ideas.

                      I can't upgrade to Presenter 6 because it automatically installs Flash Player 9 which screws up my Captivate publishing

                      But I will try the multiple slide masters and see how that works!
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                        Here are some more questions on how to change defaults in Adobe Presenter... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                        Is there a way to change some of the other Presenter defaults?
                        Example 1: when adding a quiz question the default point value is 10. Is there a way that we can change the default to 1 point.
                        Example 2: Under "Theme" is there a way to change to default to "fullscreen" instead of "default."