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    ExternalInterface.call makes flex invalid

      I need a custermized pop up window, so I use ExternalInterface.call to access javascript function:

      ExternalInterface.call("popupWindow",' http://www.adobe.com', 'ok', 200,200"); //in Flex app.

      function popupWindow(url,title,x,y) { //in Html page.
      var s;
      ',toolbar=yes,location=yes,directories=yes,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,copyhistor y=yes,resizable=yes';

      When I click the button to open a new window, it works fine. The window opened fully reaches the requirement.
      However, I try to click other buttons to invoke other function, the whole page seems like freezed. No respond. Nothing changed. Even I closed that new window, it can not work again.

      If I use
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(' http://www.adobe.com),'_blank');
      to open a new window instead of ExternalInterface.call
      There is no problem.

      Anyone know what the problem is? ExternalInterface.call problem? or javascript problem?
      Appreciate any helps.