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    RSL dont play well with monkey-patch framework classes

    kuopching Level 1
      Hi, i've got serious issue with RSL when override/monkey-patch some mx classes.
      I patch mx.controls.Button this way
      1) create folder structure mx/controls/
      2) put mx.controls.Button.as in that folder
      3) change some stuff in Button.as( let's have in createChildren sth like this.label = "patch";
      4) clean/build/run
      5) in "merge into code" linkage works OK - this means label apears
      in "RSL" linkage works BAD - it seems RSLibrary overlap my patched class

      I also tried make swc and change order with flex framework in library-path view but doesnt work for me
      When i am set framework linkage to "merge into code" everything works properly.
      This bug i can reproduce for every mx component
      Example is in here > http://rapidshare.com/files/186733851/RSL_bug.zip.html
      FLex SDK
      compile in FB 3.0.205647
      Please give me some advice