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    PreLoad Sound

      I'm Making a slide show that plays High-def picts and Mp3 audio. Due to memmory restrictions a load the picts one at a time as needed linked to external files. The Audio I also Have Linked to an external file. The problem is when the picture loads the audio pauses. Here's what I did. I Created a shockwave audio cast member linked to an external file(Mp3). In the initial frame Ipreloaded with ' member("myMusic").preLoadBuffer()' . The next frame I added this code to wait till it's 100% loaded:"
      on exitFrame me
      if member("Music").percentStreamed=100 then
      go the frame
      end if
      Then the next frame I have my slide show which loads high Def JPG's one at a time. Evertime Director reads from file the sound pauses. Please Help!!