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    FocusRect bug??

      Please Please,
      I have a piece I'm working on with various components, xml, binding, etc.
      Please look at it here and note when you open the search panel and select an item in the list, it gets focus. When you close the window, or select "view on map" the window closes but the focusRect remains. However, if, with the panel open, you make a selection, then select the resulting text, THEN close the window, the focusRect goes away.

      I should note that there are TWO list components on the stage there: one to handle the buildings, and the other to handle the departments. I switch their .visiblity on and off.

      I've been killing myself over this problem and scoured the web for answers. I've tried everything: _focusrect = false, drawFocus = undefined or false, List.prototype._focusrect = false, tabEnabled, focusManager.enabled... and on and on... and NOTHING works!

      I don't know what to do...all my html and load scripts are calling URL's with random vars in the url to avoid caching issues and I still can't make the List focusRect go away when I make the list .visible = false.

      can anyone help?? anyone?