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    Item renderer in datagrid

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      For one of the columns in my datagrid if the value is null or undefined then I want it to write 0 in there otherwise it should have the dataprovider value. That column is eidtable also. Do I have to use item renderer for this? if yes can you give me an example. I tried doing it but didn't work.

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          you might be able to use the labelField for the display of the value - from reading the language reference, it says you can use both a datafield and label field and the labelField would be used for display and the dataField would be used for sorting.

          It would be a lot simpler than using a renderer, hopefully. :)
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            You don't need to use an itemRenderer, just use the labelFunction. Here is an example:

            private function labelFunc(item:Object, column:DataGridColumn):String
            if(item.data == null || item.data ==undefined)
            return "0";
            return item.data;

            then, on your dataGridColumn set labelFunction="labelFunc"

            Joan Lafferty
            Flex SDK QA