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    Wrapping Button Text

      I've been trying this for a long time. How do I get my text to wrap into two lines when you create a button.
      All seem fine in the button design window(press Enter and it will have multiple lines), but the moment you change the text in the instance of the button it jumps back to one line. Is there a way to wrap text on the button.
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          Marius1082 wrote:

          > Is there a way to wrap text on the button.
          > Thanks

          Only if you create the buttons manually instead of with the button editor.

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            If i have buttons with single lines and some with 2 lines I usually create a second button that is identical as the first but it has a second line of text.
            When you edit the text of the button instance there will be a bar: | and this represents the line break. DO NOT ERASE THAT BAR or the line break will no longer be there and you can't add it back in. Then you'll have to pull over another instance of your button and modify that text too.
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              I am searching for this everywhere, how to make double lines text button by Fireworks CS3.


              I am using the same method by thelimpingtoad, make another 2 lines text button symbol,

              in the text editor box I can only type one line, cannot make the line break "||"


              so I adjust the space of 1st line text by adding "space" before and after the  1st line content(to make it align center and to fill up the 1st line),

              til it reach the line break and the rest of the content flowes to the 2nd line.


              I think this is so studpid and not effective. is there any way to do it.


              PS: some info found.


              TechNote (Archived) -- How to work with multiple lines of button text