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    Tree Component as swf


      I have a swf file that is a Tree Component... (So when it diplays it looks like a Directory structure with folders and files)

      Some nodes access url links... And some access .doc files on the network... This works fine when I run it from my local site, but when I run it on the remote site (Intranet server) the nodes that reference file paths so nothing, instead of opening the file, the url type links do work fine on the remote site.

      Any thoughts on why this might be occurring ? I am putting the swf and the associated xml file and html page on the remote site... Am I missing a file or setting on the server that I have locally? I am also including my .as file and xml file for review.

      Any help would be greatly appeciated.

      xml code:
      <node label="Training Information" data="">
      <node label="HP Learning Center" url=" http://h30187.www3.hp.com" />
      <node label="HP Class Schedule" url=" http://h30187.www3.hp.com/all_courses.jsp"/>
      <node label="Excel Charting Tips" data="IT Web Docs/Advanced Tips and Tricks for Excel Charting.wmv" />
      <node label="Email Contacts" data="file:///P|/IT information/Tips/Contacts - Keeping track.doc" />
      <node label="Assigning Tasks in Outlook" data="IT Web Docs/Assigning and tracking tasks in Outlook.doc" />
      <node label="Technical Documentation" data="">
      <node label="myMCC Info Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MyMccIntro.pdf" />
      <node label="MCC Webex Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCWebex.pdf" />
      <node label="Scudder Access Guide " data="IT Web Docs/AccessDWS-Scudder.pdf" />
      <node label="VPN Install Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCCitrixAccessGatewayVPN-Install.pdf" />
      <node label="VPN User Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCCitrixAccessGatewayVPN-Use.pdf" />
      <node label="Samsung i830 Guide" data="IT Web Docs/Samsung_i830_User_Guide.pdf" />
      <node label="Treo 700w Guide" data="IT Web Docs/treo_700w_user_manual.pdf" />

      Action Script code:
      import mx.controls.Tree;
      class TreeNavMenu extends MovieClip {
      var menuXML:XML;
      var menuTree:Tree;
      function TreeNavMenu() {
      // Set up the appearance of the tree and event handlers.
      menuTree.setStyle("fontFamily", "_sans");
      //menuTree.setStyle("fontSize", 6);
      menuTree.fontSize = 14;
      menuTree.setSize(250, 300);
      // Load the menu XML.
      var treeNavMenu = this;
      menuXML = new XML();
      menuXML.ignoreWhite = true;
      menuXML.onLoad = function() {
      function change(event:Object) {
      if (menuTree == event.target) {
      var node = menuTree.selectedItem;
      // If this is a branch, expand/collapse it.
      if (menuTree.getIsBranch(node)) {
      menuTree.setIsOpen(node, !menuTree.getIsOpen(node), true);
      // If this is a hyperlink, jump to it.
      var url = node.attributes.url;
      var file = node.attributes.data;

      if (url) {
      getURL(url, "_blank");
      else {
      getURL(file, "_blank");


      // Clear any selection.
      menuTree.selectedNode = null;
      function onMenuLoaded() {
      menuTree.dataProvider = menuXML.firstChild;
      menuTree.addEventListener("change", this);

      This does work fine locally... But the file paths node do not work when I publish to the Intranet server.