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    Help with Long  FLV video into "chapters"

      Hi ALl. here is my problem,
      I have a 35 minute video that i want to break in to 7 chapters. ie 7 X 5min FLV files.
      I would like these videos to be in a play one after another if the viewer doesnt stop the video.
      I have setup the FLV on a web server and placed it inside the Flash Page on Layer 1 Scene 1 frame 1, the have made a background on layer 2. To stop the background from dissapearing after the 1st frame i put a ACTIONSCRIPT comand on the background's first frame. (maybe here is where i went wrong anyone has a better solution pls tell me)
      I have tried to make an actionscript for the completed FLV video to goto scene 2 frame 1 to play another FLV with the same background but it wont work. Some pls help. :)
      thanks all:)