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    Exporting Captivate to NetLearning

      I was wondering if anyone has and expereience, and could walk me through with posting a Captivate movie to our NetLearning system. NetLearning is a learning management system. Therre is no FTP system in NetLearning as there is in others.


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          CatBandit Level 3
          I am sorry I can't help but I have no experience with NetLearning. Sounds like you need help from the NetLearning people instead of here.

          In any case, a few points about posting to these forums:
          First, it is dangerous putting your email address intext format on a public forum. You are opening yourself up to those little gremlins that run around the web harvesting - your email address.

          Second, it is bad form to post the same issue on multiple forums, as you have with this one. Generally, it is the same people who are helping no matter which forum you post to, so duplicated postings are frowned upon because they waste our time reading duplicates when we could be helping others.

          I'm sure you just didn't know this, so please don't take it as a "scolding", but as a lesson in netiquette. For the full text about what is expected of members, you can (and should) read the "Posting Guidelines" located at this link . Thanks!!