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    Popup working from swf embedded on html, but not directly from swf

    armando inquig Level 1
      Hi guys,
      I have a button on my swf that popups an html file when clicked.

      Those popup works when I load the swf as embedded on an html from the browser. But when I load swf by itself and open it on a flash player, the popups won't load.

      Here's the code that I'm using.

      getURL ("javascript:n_name=window.open('file01.html','new_name1','width=560,height=560');void(0) ;");


      The reason I'm doing this is because the flash site was originally done as a website. And now I need to autorun the main swf by itself on a cd rom without the browser, but still load the html links on a popup browser windows.

      Anyone know why this is happening? Or is this even possible?

      Thanks in advance.