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    UTF-8 doesnt work...

      Hi Forum.

      I have some troubles using UTF.

      - Client (developer machine):
      Windows XP SP2 (spanish)
      Dreamwever 8.0.1 (spanish)

      - Test server:
      Windows 2003 Server (English)
      Coldfusion 7.0.1 updated (English)

      This is the way:
      We create a new document in DW, Dynamic->Coldfusion, with HTML4 Transitional DTD, UTF-8 encoding by default, Unicode fonts selected at Edit-Preferences-Fonts.
      We put some text in the body (ññ ?¿ ?¿ áéíóú), saving it as .cfm file in a network share, directly published at http://server/file.cfm

      The encoding doesn´t work!!! we only take a lot of "A^ ?? E^", etc.

      Now: We open the .cfm file with Notepad and save it (selecting UTF-8 in Save As...) without any change as the same file.cfm, try again http://server/file.cfm and it works!!!

      The same file.cfm renamed as file.htm works fine too.

      I´m a little bit desesperated, Maybe DW puts a shadow header in the file? Where can i change that?

      We have Similar troubles with an XML file some days ago, but the resolution was easyest, because that was only 1 file, but we works on several .cfm projects, and that way (open Notepad and save each file) is amazing.