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    Sprite dragged over squiggly line

      Anybody can help with this one please.
      On my stage I have a bitmap of squiggly line - the path that the user should drag a sprite over. If they are not careful and go outside the path then something or other (alert saying "no you have gone off the path" or somehing).

      So far I have been able to detect if the mouse is over the path but I need to be able to drag a sprite along the path and detect if the sprite is on the path or not.

      When the mouse is over the sprite of course the rollover doesn't work as the sprite is in the way.
      How can I get the mouse to see through the sprite and detect the path?
      Or is there a better way?
      Thank you

      Code for detecting if over path
      --over bitmap path
      --bitmap set to matt ink

      on exitFrame me

      if(the rollover) = 1 then nothing -- sprite 1 is the path
      end if