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    loadMovie and then duplicatemovieclip wont work

    Level 7

      I just need to load the pic and then duplicate the movieclip...
      Anyone knows why I can't???
      Please help!

      I have this code:
      > button_btn.onPress = function(){
      > ...
      > center_32_MC.loadMovie("media/bg/"+x+".jpg");// loads the pic properly
      > tile=
      > _root['tile']._root.Ntiles+'_mc';
      > tile.loadMovie("media/bg/"+x+".jpg");
      > ...
      > };
      > and then
      > center_32_BTN.onPress = function(){
      > _root.Ntiles++;
      > tile= 'tile'+_root.Ntiles+'_mc';
      > _root.center_32_MC.duplicateMovieClip(tile,_root.getNextHighestDepth(),{_x:50,_y:250});}

      if i press "center_32_BTN" first of all it will make the copy of the blankmc
      (with the image not loaded yet)
      if i press "button_btn" on second place it will load it on the first pic
      butnot in the duplicated mc.

      if i press "button_btn" on first it will load it on the first
      but if i press now ."center_32_BTN" it wont make any copies..