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    Sterockicy Level 1
      How IN DETAIL would i make the following game. BTW i made the animation describing how it would work. Whenever i posted just asking know1 understood what i wanted it to look like and do so here you go



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          abeall Level 3
          I'm not sure that qualifies as a game. :-)

          I think you need to look into the basics of AS, and ask some more specific questions. This is extremely simple, and seeing as you made a sample movie showing what you want to do you obviously have the ability to learn. Here's a start though:

          make an animation MovieClip of a bar starting big and getting small, give it an instance name of "bar_mc" and put this on the _root timeline:
          onEnterFrame = function(){
          keylistener = new Object();
          keylistener.onKeyUp = function(){