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    preloader help

    treybraid Level 1
      can someone please help me out setting up my preloader... ive got my main scene and scene 2 which is for my preloader... im just looking to use one of the preloader components-- i dont want to make one.... ive created a layer in scene 2 and placed the preloader there---now how do i script it to go from scene 2 to my movie...ive ooked at the tutorial's and it still confuses me... again ive got scene 2 for my preloader and scene 1 which is my main movie...

      im looking to use not only a progress bar component... but possibly a byte's loaded as well if that is possible...if that's to much of an issue then ill just use the progress bar component..

      ive got multiple progress bar components:
      the byte's preloader set
      a customizable load bar component
      fr16 preload component
      the flash ui components set
      and the loader component from kirupa.com

      im just looking to place the script...if you've got a sample file please let me know; so, i can download and take it apart to understand how it work's...

      if by chance you do a sample file-- either post it here or email me @ tbraid@comcast.net

      thanks for your help...