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    using multiple preloader's

    treybraid Level 1
      i dont even know if this is possible or an insane idea... id like to have multiple prelaoder's on my site: the bar... circle... and byte's loaded....etc if that make's any sense...if i place each preloader with an individual movieclip and place action on frame 1 within the movie clip of scene 1 ( my main movie is on scene 2 ) can that be done and is it even a good idea... please let me know your thought's no atter how cruel they might be...


      if you know of preloader's out there that are packaged like that please let me know as well...
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there are no logical problems with using several ways to display the load progress of your main swf. the only limitation is the size of your preloader display. the more complex your preloader display the longer it will take to download and the longer it will take for your user to see anything meaningful.