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    how to create such a swf where we can enter data

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      how to create such a swf where we can enter data

      i need to create a swf where we can enter a text information.
      and this swf need to call into another swf.
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          ou data such annoying thing. Well first thing frist you'll need a flash movie you can choose the width and height, and the frames per second. You'll then have to get the text tool and create yourself an input text box. Give it an instance name of your choice but i will call my input_txt. I will save this file as input.swf as well. Then make a new flash document and change all the settings to the liking. Then get the text tool again and make it a dynamic text box and give it an instance name. I call my bill_txt cause im not going to right dynamic over and over agian. Its hard enough to spell every word i write. I will then save the file as bill.swf. There are my two .swf files now all i need is the actionscript that will send the data from input.swf to bill.swf (Make sure the files are in the same folder).
          Now I don't actually know how to do this but i will give you links to do so.
          I think two is enough but there you go. Just adapt the code.