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    Learning interactions nav in a slide document

      I made a 45-slide course in Flash 8 using slides, and have put some learning interactions throughout to check knowledge before moving on. The documentation says that I should select navigation Off in the component inspector, but then there's nothing that keeps the user from skipping the interaction and just going to the next slide. If I select Navigation On, it doesn't work.

      The navigation in the Quiz template works great, but that's not slide-based and I don't know what to copy over into my presentation to make it work there, or where to put it. (On the master slide, on every slide, where?)

      OR - I can just manually do it by disabling the Next button until the user enters something and checks it, but where in the learning interaction code can I find the part where "user checks result," and how to pull that check into the button behavior?

      I've spent hours and hours looking for answers, and can see that others have had similar problems but nobody has answered them. Any help?

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          orfeo256 Level 1
          Resolved - mostly:
          1. Navigation for the learning interactions won't work in a slide presentation without making changes to section 4-1 in the superclass. Replace every reference to "frame" nav with "slide" nav.
          2. I put nav buttons on every slide instead of just the master slide and assigned behaviors for the first, last, and previous (but not next) buttons.
          3. Enabled navigation in the component inspector to next slide (which takes care of slides that have learning interactions on them).
          4. For slides that don't have learning interactions on them, I added a gotoNextSlide behavior to the next button.
          It's probably not the best way to do this - I tried to put the buttons on the master slide and use a flag to enable or disable the next button, but I couldn't get it to work.