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    importing from old HLP file

      After an absence from using Robohelp X501 for quite a while, I am trying to import an old HLP file into a nre RH project. It appears to do the import OK, but I cannot "see" any topic in the "WYSIWYG" window - I can however "see" it using "View topic". Also, generate TOC seems to have no result - just moves all topics into the list at a single level. It may be my failing memory, guys, but anyone got any ideas?
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          I've never had any good luck using the auto-generate function for the TOC. It makes more sense to me to create the TOC manually. As with your problem with viewing an imported document, I've not imported from a HLP file, but I've had that problem importing other .html files and it seems like if I close RH and reopen it the topic appears, so I'm probably no help on that one... well, perhaps viewing the .html might give a clue.