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    Question about the "Defining Data Models" Article

    nyfeman Level 1
      I 've been working on my data modeling skills and was reading the article Defining Data Models. The class example creates a model then a Transfer Object and for the life of me, I can't figure out what the Transfer Object is for or why I'd want to use it. The author refers the reader to the ARP website, the contents of which are far beyond my comprehension.

      Can anyone give a lay explanation?

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          inlineblue Level 1
          The article has this comment:

          "A Transfer Object (also known as Value Object) is a simple object that contains just the data required to carry out a certain unit of business logic. In the following example, the Employee transfer object (EmployeeTO) contains only typed properties that describe an employee. It does not have methods like the model class. Transfer Objects are useful when moving data between the tiers by using technologies such as Flash Remoting (the transportation mechanism that is also used in Flex Data Services) and JSON that automatically serialize and deserialize complex objects across tiers while maintaining type information."

          It's a stripped-down version of the Model. The Model itself has other properties and methods that are irrelevant (or get in the way) when you need to transfer the Model's data to a server and/or database, so the TO provides just the essentials. Its necessity depends a lot on what mechanism you're using to communicate with your back-end.