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    Passing Objects into CFCs using RemoteObject

    doug777 Level 1
      I have many RemoteObject calls in my project which pass strings and other simple data types into cfcs, however this is the first time I have tried to pass in a Flex Object.


      If I set up myObject as an identical looking structure in test.cfm and run it, myCFC (which has a single argument myArg of type struct) returns the correct data.

      But when I pass in myObject from Flex, I get a service error:

      The parameter myArg to function myMethod is required but was not passed in.

      Is there something else I need to do if I pass in an Object??

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          inlineblue Level 1
          I've ran into this as well and it's definitely a bug. If a CFC method accepts one struct argument, you will get this error. If you give the CFC method a second dummy argument and just pass junk to it, it works fine. Go figure.
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            doug777 Level 1
            You're right! Weird.


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              Actually it's not a bug, it's more of a side effect of supporting attributeCollection and optional CFC arguments from flash.

              In flash, you can call a function 2 ways
              parameter list (args must be in a specific order)
              myRemoteObject.myFunction(val1, val2, val3);
              or a named list (and args can be in any order, lets you define optional arguments)
              myRemoteObject.myFunction( {arg1:val1, arg3:val3, arg2:val2} );

              However the side effect is
              myFunction( someObject );
              myFunction( {arg1:val1, arg2:val2} );

              both appear to CF as 1 argument that is a struct. So if you are only passing 1 argument, CF assumes you are trying to use named arguments so it tries to map all of the properties to individual arguments and it will pass all of the properties in as individual arguments.

              However, if you pass a 2nd argument in then CF knows the first argument is a struct and passes it into the cfc function as a struct.

              So your workaround is to pass in a 2nd argument with the function call. And the easiest way to do this is to pass null as the 2nd arg. This way the Flash Remoting gateway will see 2 args but since CF doesn't understand null it will ignore it.

              myRemoteObject.myFunction( someObject, null );

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                inlineblue Level 1
                Ok, that makes sense. And now that you mention it, I remember this from the old Flash Remoting days. But is this mentioned anywhere in the Flex 2 docs? It's a very obscure error message for something like this.
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                  can someone show me a sample. I have been working on this for weeks with no outcome. I have changed the 4 spots in the wrapper I have my RemoteObject supposedly sending my argument SupplierID. I added what would result in null another argument BrandID. But non of this works. Why no docs and few posts, am I one of the very few people trying such a thing or is everyone doing this with no trouble. I needed this to work weeks ago. I seem to get a tiny bit of info with each post but no go. yet