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    9.0 Broke my slides show... any help?

      Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me here or direct me to another thread that might provide a solution to my problem--

      We've been using a very simple XML driven Flash slideshow on the frontpage of our website, Proton Radio (www.protonradio.com), for the past 3 years and its worked fine-- but now after upgrading to 9.0 it is broken and not appearing. I don't know where to begin to test it and see what's not working, so I've uploaded the files we use in hopes that someone on this board can help.

      Here are the files:

      If you want to see it in action, load up Flash 8.0 and visit www.protonradio.com-- then switch to 9.0 and see the slideshow replaced by dead space.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated-- thanks!