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    Check box

      here's the seniero:
      I made a datagrid from a dataprovider(first column is a checkbox, second column is the name). I then have another datagird which includes the name from the first datagrid and more data. The problem comes when I click on the check box. I'm unable to update the second grid data to remove/add the data. here is the code for the click on the check box. If you can see what I'm doing wrong please inform me. I can't get the InGraph to change from true to false

      private function StateClick():void
      var y:int;
      var Selected:Array;

      Selected = new Array();
      Selected = dgStates.selectedItems;

      SelectedState = new Array();

      if(dgStates.selectedItems.selected == true ){
      Selected.InGraph = false;
      } else {
      Selected.InGraph = true ;
      SelectedState = Selected;