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    Importing Director movies into Flash

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      My short Q, which I suspect is a FAQ though it doesn't appear on the Director or Flash FAQs on the Macromedia (sorry, Adobe ;-)) site, is: how can you import Director movies (source .dir, or published .dcr) into a Flash movie?

      I had thought this would be simple, that Flash would have an import filter for Shockwave movies, as after all both products come from the same stable and you can import .swf movies into Director, but not so, at least in my copy of Flash 8. Neither can Director export as a .swf - the only export format that might just work is .avi but I'm damned if I want to create a big video file just to reuse a snippet from a Director movie. I did a quick Google search for DCR->SWF converters but couldn't see anything obvious to use.

      The reason I'm bothered about this is that we've produced a lot of e-learning material in Director (a good third of our learning objects at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/sonet/rlos/rlolist.html use Shockwave movies) and although we've now moved on to Flash, occasionally we want to be able to reuse snippets from Director movies in Flash movies. It would be disappointing, to put it mildly, were we not able to move content between software applications produced by the same company...

      TIA for any answers/suggestions.


      School of Nursing, University of Nottingham