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    Do you need to restart Tomcat 5.5?

    Graeme Harker
      Do you need to restart Tomcat 5.5 when you make mods to the config files?
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          sanclementetech Level 1
          To the Flex config files, you should not have to. However I always do.
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            I have tested this alot with my last app I was developing and here is what I found.

            The one file that does affect tomcat, (thus forcing a tomcat restart), is the services-config.xml file.

            If you edit the line:
            <channel-definition id="my-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
            <endpoint uri=" http://{server.name}:{server.port}/{context.root}/messagebroker/amf" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>

            And remove the {context.root} section, then yes you will need to restart tomcat to get it to reload this change.

            The other docs, such as the remoting-config.xml do not need to have tomcat reloaded in order for them to get reloaded.

            The only caviat to this is that if you make changes to the files and such, you may need to clean and rebuild your eclipse projects in order for those changes to be reloaded. If you do not, the eclipse project might continue to use the old variable definitions you have in the app. So remember to clean and rebuild frequently if you are having problems and need to edit these files.

            Jeremy Sanders

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              seth_hodgson Level 1
              In your services-config.xml file you can define a set of files that will be monitored for changes. Upon a change, FDS will touch (update with no changes) a file of your choosing that your app server monitors to trigger a redeploy of your webapp. This config looks like:


              Every 20 seconds any and all <watch-file>s will have their timestamps checked, and if they've changed the <touch-file> will be touched. The touch file is the file that your app server monitors for changes. Review your app server's documentation for specific on webapp redeploy and which file you should register as the <touch-file>.

              If you're making changes to your configuration files such as adding new destinations or changing their settings, you'll need to enable this redeploy functionality or manually bounce the web app to pick up the changes.

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                Graeme Harker Level 1
                thanks - these "operational" issues are not that well documented in the (otherwise excellent) doc set
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                  seth_hodgson Level 1
                  I've sent a request to the doc team to make sure this is clarrified in the docs.

                  Thanks Sparky,