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    Can't download Lightroom beta 3

    Tomory Level 1
      It seems impossible to actually download Lightroom b3. All of the "download" links just go to the normal downloads page, http://www.adobe.com/downloads/, which only lists actual shipping products, not pre-release stuff. I tried all except the Mac-with-content link and always got the same result.
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          Daniel T Employee Moderator
          Hi Tomory,

          It appears that you may not have cookies enabled for the Adobe website. The behavior that you describe typically occurs when our download server cannot confirm that you are a registered and logged in user. Please try to enable your browser's ability to store cookies and then try again to download Lightroom. Hope this helps!
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            Tomory Level 1
            Hi, Daniel, and thanks for the quick reply.

            Cookies were not the problem: I have cookies enabled for adobe.com in both Netscape and Internet Explorer. However, I did manage to solve the problem by temporarily turning off Norton Internet Security. With Norton out of the way, your website behaved well and I was able to download the beta.

            I post this so you know how the story ends, and for the benefit of others who may encounter the same misbehavior.

            Thank you again.

            Mark Tomory