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    Mac OSX Parental Controls/Limitations/Capabilities

      Our Mac projectors work fine in administrator account, but we have a customer who wants her students to use them in a limited access account. On Mac OSX 10.4.7, we add a new account and go into the Parental Controls* section to limit the individual applications that the new account can access. However our projectors cannot be seen in the list. We can view the projectors using the Locate button, but when one is selected we get the error message "Application_name does not work with the limitations you have set."

      This corresponds with the Mac online article at docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=300842. This tells us that our applications need a unique Bundle ID (Cocoa) or a unique Creator code (Carbon). It doesn't say how though, and we just keep coming to dead ends in the Mac OSX Developer documentation.

      Anyone know how to configure this or what else is causing this problem? There's nothing that fancy about our applications, just straightforward Director MX 2004 apps installed using Installer VISE.

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      *This is called Limitations in MacOSX 10.3 and Capabilities in 10.2. Only 10.4.7 gives the error message, lower versions give no error message.