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    [Flash 8 video] Best compression settings

      Was wondering if anyone has experience with creating FLV movies with the best quality and filesize.
      I have a few movies which are 464x368 pixels with sound and the original is about 50 mb big.
      I have tried it myself to compress it with the built in encoder but i got about 15 mb.
      Which is in my opinion still very large.

      What are the best settings for my situation ? What can i try to get the best quality/filesize ?

      Thanks !
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          Nickels55 Level 2
          I use the default Medium settings using the On2VP6 codec. If the files are still large I cut the movies into smaller chapters using VideoRedo.
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            Summer_shine Level 1
            Thanks Nickels55,

            Could you tell me a bit more about your settings ? like keyframes etc.
            Because its a pretty big dimension and the original is about 50mb... i would like to know if its even possible to have a result of just 5mb without dramatic quality loss ..... again, if its possible
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              Nickels55 Level 2
              I use the Flash 8 Video Encoder, and I set the Key frame placement at auto. The more keyframes you add the larger your file will be. Next I crop it a bit to remove the black bars that are sometimes in the video on the sides. The data rate is at 400 kilobits a second, which is the default for medium quality. I resize the videos to be 480x360, which is a decent size video window. My resulting files are still pretty large. For every 5 minutes of video the fla file is about 20 megs. So that averages about 4 megs per minute of video output to 480x360.

              To get your files down to 5 megs you are going to have to work some magic. My guess is that if you get the file down to 5 megs then the quality is going to be pretty bad. The only thing that could change that is if the video's don't contain a ton of movement.

              You could try dropping the sound from 96 kpbs stereo to 64 kbps mono. That will save a ton of space but the audio may sound terrible. You could also try going to a low-medium quality video at 250 kilobits a second.

              Good luck!