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    Project folders will not delete

      I was moving some custom project folders around in the Project Manager. Most of my folders moved just fine but for some reason I have a couple of folders (a folder and subfolder) would not move so I had to create a new folder in the correct destination and move the topics individually. That worked fine but now that subfolder (where the topics were moved from) along with the folder it is contained in does not have a delete option. However, other folders and topics do. Why can I not delete this folder and subfolder and is there a way that I delete it out of my Project Manager. They are empty (when checking Windows Explorer) except for the (foldername).fpj file in each. NOTE: I am not using version control. This project in on my local computer.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Problems of this kind normally mean there is a "hidden" file somewhere. If you run the Topic Properties report you should see anything that has been left behind. The other alternative is to check the folder structure in the RH Explorer (e.g. images, baggage files, etc.).
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            pjchanse Level 1
            Okay. As far as your first suggestion of running a Topic Properties report ... what would I run this report on when there aren't any topics in the folders I want removed? I went to your second suggestion of checking in the RH explorer and did find an image file in the folder I want removed but I can't do anything with it. There is no delete option when selecting the image. There is no way to drag it out of the folder and place it somewhere else. What do I do with this?
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              I guess there are some left-overs on your disk. RH only shows files it 'knows' about, and let's delete you folders only if they are empty. So any file residing in a folder which is not managed by RH prevents you from deleting the folder.

              So check your folder with Windows Explorer, delete any files visible there, and try deleting the folder from within RH again.

              ---Dirk Bock