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    multi session gaming

      we are attempting to create an educational game on dvd rom using director, the game has a series of video clips each with an animated overlay of the users chosen character.

      before the video clips play the user makes some choices regarding the character and which clip will play next,

      the game follows a formula of various sessions,

      as we are distributing the game on disc (dvd or cd) we are unsure as to the possiblities of having a function where the user can log into each session and can pick up where they left off, including recalling all the decisions that they made in previous sessions.

      Can we write that data to the users hard drive, and recall it at login

      at the moment we are building the game as one continuous project, but have this grey spot as to how to recall data, the game being on a disk,

      do we need an installer or some sort of database?

      apologies for massive post, can anyone help/advise?
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          From a projector, you can write out a text file and place it anywhere on
          the user's hard drive. Alternately, you can send the information to a
          CGI and keep the info on a server.

          There are a lot of different ways to store data locally.

          Use the built in functions setPref() and getPref().

          Use an Xtra to write and read a file. FileIO works well.

          Use a Flash localConnection object.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Commonly one uses the fileIO xtra included with director for maximum
            control of external text files, but it only works with a projector. For
            simpler lighter duties one can use the setpref getPref function to write
            text to a director defined local drive location setpref getPref work in
            shockwave as well as director.

            One thing I like to do is to store all the game information into a
            single list variable, then save a text copy of the list using
            setPref("mySettings", string(gameStateList)), restoring state on restart
            with gameStateList = value(getPref("mySettings"))

            To sucessfully convert back to a list the syntax of the stored list must
            be perfect, attempting to create multiple fields of data in a text file
            is prone to corrupting th list format, better to do all the database
            parcing functions with list operations aplied to a multi element list.