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    Editing Classic.cfm for Query O/P in Debugging...by Forta..How to for SP's?

      On Ben Forta's Blog, theres a tip wherein you edit the classic.cfm file of CF which is used for showing the debugging screen. You can view the query PLUS the RESULTS in the same debugging screen and this way you dont have to copy ur query to Query Analyser to see what results were returned.
      <!--- Dump query contents --->
      <cfdump var="#cfdebug_queries.result#">

      Now my question is, how can we edit the same file to see the results returned by Stored procedures. I have tried diff options like #cfdebug_storedproc.result# but it didnt work for me. Anyone out there knows how to do it??? It will be of great help.

      By the way, heres what Ben Forta had to say
      Ajas, sure, do the same thing, just use the name(s) of the querie(s) returned from the SP.

      I didnt understand what he meant by name(s) of querie(s) returned from SP. Anyone knows what he meant????