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    About new linux flash player

      WOW! That's great! Adobe finally released the new version of..................... flash player 7 :(
      Thanks a lot. At what good did it do? I still can't play movies made for 8 and 9 players properly. Player is updated for windows and MacOS regulary. Hay guys, did you forget about linux?
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          I believe that version was released ealier this year. I am doubting that a new version of the client will be release before the end of the year. Lets be honest, they don't think linux is a viable platform to support. I am in the same boat, I have used linux for the past five years, and have converted many people over to linux(they mainly surf the web, and not they complain all the time how they can not view anything..they dont understand why I just cant update them to get flash stuff*movies* to work). The company I work for (financial related) also does some linux based stuff(SCO openserver converts). This appears to be on the decline, with web related tools falling behind the windows counterparts. Not much you can do but wait, and wonder.
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            jsheedy Level 1
            I am sorry, I did not even realize that this was an update.