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    Problem getting FDS and CF to communicate

    Dr._Goomba Level 1
      This has been an on going problem for almost a month now. As i gave up before, the more i learn about what FDS can do for me the more i want to use it. However it is just becoming the biggest pain to get it to talk with CF. I have read through the forums, walkthroughs and anything else i can get my hands on and still cant get it to work.

      The primary problem im encountering is:
      "Error invoking fill-method 'fill' for destination cfcontact-default: Permission denied."

      Coldfusion Config:
      Flex Integration: Flash Remoting enabled, Flex Data Management enabled, allowed.
      All CFCs are located in wwwroot/contact_sample/samples/contact
      Mapping /samples -> C:\CFusionMX7\wwwroot\contact_sample\samples\ returns 8 records

      Flex Config:
      Copied the coldfusion-dao adapter and the entire cfcontact-default destination from
      Copied the cf-dataservice-rtmp, cf-polling-amf channel definitions and the DataService.coldfusion pattern from
      I did nothing else, no changing {server.name} or uncommenting <hostname>.

      My application files are installed at: C:\fds2\jrun4\servers\default\samples\contact_sample\dataservice\contact
      And i run the application from:
      I did not change the directory structure or edit any of the files within the contact_sample zip file.

      NOTE: both data-management-config.xml and contactmgr.mxml both reflect cfcontact-default

      I have gone through these files over and over and over, messed with other things, reinstalled, everything! I dont know what else to do. Help is greatly appreciated!!!
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          Bill Sahlas
          let's see if I can help you out. That permissions error is usually related to RMI registry having no knoledge of the IP address. On the FDS server installation the sample data-management-config.xml file has a section has a section that shows that you need to specify the <hostname> attribute of the properties elements section. I didn't see that mentioned in the list of things that you configured or modified or checked - I see that you allowed it on the CF side (admin settings) but not on the Flex side. The sample resource file is located at fds2\resources\config\ folder.

          The hostname or IP address of the CF host.
          Optional, default is localhost.


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            Bill Sahlas Level 1
            point of clarification - set the <hostname> to match what you've added to the Allowed IP list in the cf admin, Setting this attribute is an all or nothing type of setting - if you set it on CF then you need/must set it on the Flex side. the use-case for this is if you've got CF on Server1 and FDS on Server 2 - this is how you tell each instances what IP addresses are allowed to communicate. If both instances of CF and FDS are on localhost - *leave that attribute alone* in both places as localhost is allowed by default.
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              Dr._Goomba Level 1
              Thanks for your response!

              I have tried two different ways to go about this, using localhost and defining an IP. Neither work.

              NOT DEFINING THE IP
              - In data-management-config.xml i left the hostname commented, since default is localhost.
              - In CF Admin Flex Integration i removed my IP address and saved it.
              - Then loaded: http://localhost:8700/samples/contact_sample/dataservice/contact/contactmgr.mxml

              DEFINING THE IP
              - Uncommented <hostname> and added in data-management-config.xml
              - Added to CF Admin Flex Integration
              - Then ran

              Both instances return the permission denied while invoking fill-method for cfcontact-default error.

              I have noticed that when Flex Server reloads there is an error stating "Requested resource 'samples/messagebroker/cfamfpolling' (%2fsamples%2fmessagebroker%2fcfamfpolling) not found"

              I have not specified Port Numbers in any of these configurations. Flex is on 8700 and Web Server on 8500. Also note that services-config.xml does not list any IP's or Port's unless the Port number was specified in the 'samples' xml file.

              Other ideas?