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    Pie Chart Callouts Remain After Updating DataProvider

    ericbelair Level 1
      I have a Pie Chart with an Array Collection as the dataProvider. When I update the dataProvider, however, the Pie Chart callouts are not always displayed correctly. I basically have a form where a user can enter percentages of catregories, and the percentages are displayed in a pie chart right next to the form. When I update a value from zero to some positive number, the category is displayed in the pie chart correctly. But, when I update that value back to zero, the callout labels get funkified. For instance, sometimes one label is displayed twice, or if there is only one category filling the pie chart (100%), the previous callout labels are still displayed. I debugged and found that the underlying ArrayCollection values are correct, but it seems the series is not reflecting the values in the Collection. Any ideas how I can fix this?