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    Help with onRelease

      Here is what I'm trying to do (this is an extension of an earlier thread if anyone thinks this looks familiar)

      Old Thread: I have seven images that I want to build into a MoveClip. When you go to this particular page on the website, there is a short animation that brings the image to the screen. I want the MovieClip to stop once the image has been fully viewable. From there, I want the reader to be able to click the image (which is simply text in a funky font) and be taken to the next image (which will contain a similar animation and then image #2 appears). I also want the MovieClip to stop once image #2 is fully viewable, then the viewer clicks to get to the next portion. I want this to happen for all seven images

      Update: Here is what I have done at the suggestion of 'blemmo'

      for each new movieClip, I have added the following ActionScript

      text_mc.onRelease = function(){

      Now, when I export this and load it onto the website, it doesn't move forward to the next frame unless I "right click" and tell it to move forward. Can anyone tell me how to make it so the reader can simply click on the image or hit "enter" on the keyboard to make the .swf go to the next frame???