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    Team Members - Updating Managers

    Ingrid_the_Great! Level 1
      Has anyone used Edit Team Members - under Admin, User Groups? I was thinking I was sly in having T/D get Teams of people underneath them - so as to monitor their regions participant rates.

      When I did this, it changed the users manager. I've tried changing it back and forth - and it seems each user can only have 1 manager... is that right?
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          That's been our experience. One Employee : One Manager. We've entered a feature request to allow for actual manager and training manager. I don't know where that stands though.
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            James the SciTrainer Level 1
            I foolishly created a custom field the user profile for Supervisor (each learner's boss) and use the Team/Manager relationship for the 'training sponsor'.

            I say this was foolish because you cannot import data into the custom fields! And I'm sure not gonna spend my day entering names one by one. Another half-implementation within Breeze.

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              For that reason we have developed special utility named DMMbridge (Windows app) which can import, delete and update users and groups including custom fields. All you have to do is to prepare XML file with all needed data. Actually our system works automatically as it gets XML data from Oracle database and updates the Breeze database. But of course you can create XML files manually if you want.

              Here is how you configure DMMbridge to use custom values (we have two custom values SIS-ID and Birth-Date)


              Then you just put some XML file to the folder specified in Data-path. Here is the example XML file which creates new user on server:

              <data Action="CreateUser" ActionID="12233" First-name="Jan" Last-name="Novak" Login="x215874" Password="x33265" Email="jan@email.domain" Birth-date="25.6.1960" SIS-ID="889745" User-type="" Group-name="" Group-desc="" />

              We now have around 3.000 people in the Breeze database and this is the only way how we can sync them with Oracle database.