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    Auto Scale Dynamic Text

      I am creating a Flash presentation in English that will eventually be translated in other languages. I am trying to use external text content files (.txt) to reduce the amount of work when translations come in, but am concerned about text swell. Is there a way to automatically scale text to fit inside of a dynamic text box? I know that I can get the box to scale to the size of the text, but because of how the page is laid out, this will not work. Also all of the text boxes will have to scale to the same size. Am I missing something very obvious? If not, I cannot figure out how to get the text to scale to fit inside an existing box. Scrolling is not an option either, as some of the text will appear in an "Intro" sequence. In addition, if there is a way to tell how much the longest string is scaled (so other text items can be scaled to same size) would also be helpful.